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Hart & Soul

Unlock your heart & soul and journey to a new level of self awareness with one of our courses. 



This course The Hidden Realms of the Hart & Soul was just simply amazing . I can’t believe how much I’ve grown thanks to this lady and all her knowledge she has shared with us. One of the most beautiful learning experiences I have had!


Thank you so so much Tara 


Maureen H

The Hidden Realms of the Hart & Soul

Your best future awaits - if you have the courage to delve into the Hidden Realms of the Hart & Soul.


Are you someone who: 

🚩 Feels stuck in any or all of these areas; relationships, career, health & well-being?

🚩 Has unexplainable physical/medical ailments, like headaches, body aches, blurry vision, etc.? 

🚩 Suffers from depression, tired/exhaustion, anxiety or nausea?

🚩 Lacks confidence & direction? 

🚩 Doesn’t “fit” in?

🚩 Is always attracting bad luck?


Join us for a sixteen week journey and travel down the path of illumination.  Discover for yourself who you are at the centre of your core.   Release old unserving beliefs and break through the personal blocks that have been holding you back.  Stand before yourself empowered, poised and ready to create.  Prepare to strip back the layers of safeguards you’ve created over the years that are no longer needed.  Now’s the time to reveal your heart's truest desires as you begin to deepen your connection with the divine.


To begin you must know where you are at, it is time to take a Spiritual inventory of your Being.  We will start by learning about:







       ✨Connection to yourself


Once you have identified where you are at, you will be ready to equip yourself with new tools. These tools and techniques will be the foundation for the inner shift your being has been looking for.  You will uncover all that pertains to your personal energy and the energy of others.  Open up your senses and attune them to the rhythmic frequencies of the universe.  Understand how to access and clear energy to heal and protect yourself. 


Your new tools will be sourced from:


    🔹 Herbal Medicine

    🔹 Sound Medicine

    🔹 Essential Oils

    🔹 Energy Transference

    🔹 Energetic Cord Cutting


As you step into your power feeling confident and full; it’s time to manifest!!   Let’s create your biggest dream and pour your energy into it!  


The course includes:

💫 92+ hours of education 

16 hours in class training

76 + hours in lifework training with class peers

💫 An ebook with lifework assignments from each class for you to practice your new skills.  

💫 Access to a private facebook group & Wix Group 

💫 Guided meditations for you to keep


All Classes will be recorded and sent to you to keep, no need to worry about missing a class.  Complete all assignments to receive your certificate of completion. 


Investment: $1057 + GST

Duration: 16 Weeks

Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic Energy Healing as it is practiced today was developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui using Prana also known as Life Force Energy.  As a healer, you will learn how to balance the energy body without any physical contact. 


This 2-day practical workshop will teach you the fundamental topics of Pranic Energy Healing.  You will learn:

  • to feel and see the auras and energy. 

  • to understand the physiological functions of the 11 major Chakras of the body. 

  • to scan energy with your hands and identify the condition of the Aura and Chakras.

  • to heal yourself.

  • to heal various ailments regarding respiratory (asthma, colds, coughs, sinusitis), circulatory (heart), digestive (ulcers, colic, diarrhea, vomiting, IBS), muscular & skeletal (arthritis, spondylosis, backache) and gynaecological ailments.

  • how to disconnect yourself from other people's energy which may drain your personal energy and affect your overall health. 

  • the Twin Hearts Meditation (also called the Planetary Meditation for peace).


Price: $375.00

Duration: 2 Days

Notes:  $100 Deposit is required for advanced registration.  Price includes: Miracles Through Pranic Healing Manual, Meditation on Twin Hearts (Planetary Meditation for Peace or PPM).

Sacred Sound Healing

Tune into the vibrations of the Universe and master the art of Sacred Sound Healing.  


Understand how this ancient vibrational healing technique creates balance and harmony within the body - healing physical, mental and emotional pains.  Feel confident as you learn the techniques used in bathing a person in sound therapy and the connection that each instrument has to aid in their healing.  


In this course you will have an attuned knowledge around:


  • Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Alchemy Bowls 

  • Chimes

  • Tuning Forks

  • Drums

  • Shakers

  • Rattlers


Learn how these teachings of the sacred tools can be used to guide and connect you to your higher self.  


In order to participate in this five week course, you will need to complete The Hidden Realms of the Hart & Soul prior to enrolling in Sacred Sound Healing.  At the end of five weeks journey, you will receive a certificate of completion. 


Price: $657 + GST

Duration : 5 Weeks

Prerequisite: The Hidden Realms of the Hart & Soul

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