You have so many beautiful chapters to write, keep going!

Client sessions this week showed up like this!

Keep going, you don’t need to have everything figured out.

Some wisdom to share, sink in and ask yourself the following ..

What do I really enjoy? What do I really LOVE? What do I not love that I’m doing right now in my everyday life?

Realy sink in and think of the clients, career, relationships that really don’t make you feel good, get clear and then ask your Team to clear that out of your path. Be bold and be you! Ask. Ask clearly for what you do like! This can be tricky because maybe you don’t even know yet, because you’ve been living in a place that doesn’t fuel you. When we ask for our teams to remove what doesn’t light us up and show us what does. 💥 they will show us. Ask your divine healing team, god, the universe, spirit.

A message we have for you is start talking, start having those hard conversations. We get so stuck on not wanting to ruffle feathers that we sit and ignore our longings. We abandon our truth - ourselves, then we feel hurt, sad, upset and overwhelmed. Do the things and have the hard conversations! You will never loose yourself. In fact.. you will find yourself!