Welcoming The Red Chairs

Updated: Apr 19

Over the years I’ve created many spaces to practice sessions in.

I have leased 3 different treatment rooms in my town and 8 or so in other cities & small towns, over and over, and I have always had a space in my home. My home seems to be where I love it most ❤️

In my home I’ve had stages of a massage table set up, yoga mats and bolsters, then as I developed more training I moved to meditation sit sets on the floor.

I had been searching for years for a beautiful wingback chair. I just couldn’t find the right one. A month before I created a vision board and I put my chair on it. Well guess what, I open up marketplace and there are not one, but two wingback chairs that match! At first I thought no, these are not the right color. They are too red. Then I hear my partner say, “don’t overlook them so quickly”, Okay, I’ll go look. Well.. we walk in and they are the prettiest burgundy and they also recline! WHAT? Yess!

They both fit in my vehicle and so meant to be.

We bring them into my treatment room and holy! Let me tell you the energy of them has shifted the energy of my sessions. At first I was thinking this feels weird. Lol. Something is off, so I play my drum and it sounds terrible, I’m then called to smudge the chairs. So I do my usual, I invoke and then smudge and then play my drum. Wow. It sounded so beautiful this time. Then I sit in a chair and I find myself sitting there, feeling so grounded and not able to move. Something shows up and says you have time to be here. Time to meditate, create or just be. I’m still sitting there. I now realize that every day I go to one of the chairs and I sit. I feel comforted and held.

As each client comes in I witness their body language. I get to witness their shift from when they come in (some super emotional, some anxious, some angry, some searching for a direction and some sad) to when they feel safe and held and ready to show the world who they are and why they’re here. Confidence & Clarity. All this in 90minutes. What has changed? I’m still the same person channeling the same way. What has shifted within my clients?

The Red Chairs. They hold so much wisdom and their energy says you are safe and grounded. You belong here and you matter. We hear you. We welcome you.

Do you believe in energy transference? I sure do! I’ve been practicing Pranic Energy Healing remotely for years and I know the sessions work the same whether they are here in person or when across the world from me. So why would I question the chairs. People's energy stays in their items. Clothes, homes, vehicles, drinking glasses and all the things. Have you ever noticed your favorite mug and how you can sense if someone has drunk from it lol.. I know I can. I remember once when I had students over for a course I welcomed them to grab a cup from my cupboard and the one said “ooh this looks like your favorite coffee mug, I’ll grab a different one.” The mug isn’t anything special to look at but the story behind it is so meaningful. I use it every morning. I shared the story with her. I’ll share it with you sometime too. Woah, back on track .. lol. My mentor always taught me psychic protection and going as far and not leaving your hair behind when you get a cut or being careful when you dispose of your fingernail clippings .. Intense right? There is a reason for this and when you’re ready, I will share the teachings with you too!

The Red Chairs have brought in my loyal clients and new clients. The messages and healings have changed. They are so strong and so wise. So much wisdom and alignment shows up, it’s always shown up but now it’s so clear! Why? When we relax and our nervous system feels safe, & we receive on a level that resonates.

I’m so grateful for these chairs. Soon I’ll share more details on what shows up with these red chairs, I have so many beautiful stories, but for now we welcome The Red Chairs.