The snow ⛄️ is here.. so we know what this means! Cold and flu season has arrived!

We have an amazing week ahead of us! As the weather gets cooler, the prana starts to become less energized. What this means is that air, sun and earth prana (Chi, Ki, Pneuma, Mana, Ruah, Neyatoneyah) all become less activated and we start to also notice a drop in our energy. Colds and flus settle in and it becomes harder for us to fight off unwanted bacteria. We become less energized too! There are ways to activate your own prana, and we can teach you this! It’s also super helpful to come into a session and recharge to move that stuck energy and release it! Stay on top of “seasonal depression” and sore muscles! Let’s do this together. If this calls to you, check out the calendar for public events or book a 1:1 session 💕

Atma Namaste,


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