The best way to learn is to f*ck up

Okay, so this is tough, really tough and fun! I’ve been trying to expand my marketing and reach more people. I’m doing it all on my own and it’s tricky! I’m much better at energy healing and spirit communication hahaha! I have ALL the ideas, but how do I put them all out there? A beautiful friend nicely reminded me that the best way to learn is to f*ck up!

This leads me to a treatment I had a few weeks ago, too much spirit chatter and not enough grounding. Let’s start here..I have been working in different realms and getting to see past and future events. It’s pretty interesting! I have to ground myself to stay connected here on earth. Sounds crazy right? I’m learning with my teachings that nothing is crazy anymore. I have clients that come in and I have to bring them back into their body so they can focus. For people (including myself) it’s easy to feel scattered, as if you have a million thoughts going on. Let me give you a tip.. ground yourself when you start to feel this way. Bring your awareness back into your body. I can teach you how to do this.

During some of my sessions we like to bring you to an expansive consciousness. Which means we remove conditional thinking and create an abundance awareness. In fact this week I was working with a client and she was manifesting her ideal partner. She stopped talking and said literally the man parked beside her was what appeared to be her ideal partner (I do so many remote sessions over the phone with clients. It is not unusual for someone to sit In their vehicle during a treatment) She is an artist, so as she was manifesting she was drawing and writing everything about her perfect partner. Then boom he appeared. We were in the middle of a session so she just sat and observed. It just goes to show that when you remove all blocks, you become extremely powerful! Just have to remember to bring your awareness back into your body.

Back to the marketing bits.. I thank you so much for staying with me as I feel my way through these lessons. If you have tips, I absolutely welcome them!

Atma Namaste


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