Strawberry Super Moon

The June Strawberry Super Moon peaks it’s illumination Tuesday Morning June 14th at 5:52am MST

What are your plans for this beautiful strawberry super moon? 🌝

I highly recommend making moon water! Grab a jar, add some herbs, for me.. mint and hibiscus 🌺 are going in , as I was grabbing my herbs I grabbed some lemon balm too.. along with licorice root and was called to cut up some fresh strawberries. They are all going in the water with rose quarts crystals.

I’ve been really pulled to work with licorice root the last year but more so this past month. It’s amazing for skin care, those dark spots fade and your skin glows. Along with healing away acne. He’s also a very amazing chi booster! If you’re feeling sluggish.. licorice root is your ally!

I knew mint was going in my moon water, but when I thought I grabbed it, I smelled it and nope.. it was defined lemon balm. So i researched it and yes! It belongs in the moon tea. It’s magical properties are attracting love, manifestations, success, calming and healing. It’s also great for digestion! Since being on a digestive tract healing journey, lemon balm calls to me. Mint has a lot of the similar healing properties as for they belong to the same family.

Don’t cover it with a metal lid.. you’re going to want to use cheesecloth and a string. Even better that it’s raining outside. Be sure to bring your water in before too much sun energy hits it!

If you don’t get to create your moon water tonight you can absolutely do it tomorrow night too!

What can you use moon water for? You can put it in a spray bottle and spray in your home, to help raise the vibrations. Share it with a partner to strengthen your bond. Drink it as a cold tea to raise your frequency and attune the moon and heal what is showing up with you. It’s time to open your hearts and let grandmother moon nurture you.

One more thing.. Do a little burn 🔥 and release ceremony! Let that shit go!

I love you 💕

~ Tara