Messages for the Full Moon

Full Moon on Sunday!! Do a releasing ceremony!! This isn’t the time for grid work.. unless you’re setting up for protection. Which in that case, it’s a fantastic idea!

Remember to cut any negative unwanted cords after all the friends and family gatherings. When we do this, we leave all energetic cords of love & healing attached.

Negative unwanted cords can be attached unintentionally. I could be someone is sad, or depressed, angry or grieving and they attach to you because you are bright and cheery! You may feel emotion and drained after a gathering.

Just remember to illuminate yourself and meditate to keep your auras bright and vibrant!!

Alchohol can lower your vibes, so it’s a great idea to mediate to raise them again.

Sending gratitude and love to every person, every being, will also illuminate you and everyone around!

Happy Thanksgiving family & friends 🍁

Atma Namaste

Tara 💕

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