Lifting the Vail

Okay, wow! I’m reflecting on my past sessions. I’ve seen a lot of stuff! When I first started doing energy healing treatments, I could feel the energy right away! It was pretty amazing and I just had a knowing of what to do. Which recently I’ve learned that that’s called Claircognizance! Pretty cool! I didn’t Even know I had this ability before I learned Pranic Energy Healing. I remember going to a psychic and she said Tara, the vail is ready to come off and you will have psychic ability. Wait. how do I lift it? Lol. What is going on? She said all I can see is colours, something with chakras. Two months later I was learning basic Pranic Energy healing (PEH), which is all about chakras. Then the creative juices started flowing. I’ve always loved essential oils. Not really understanding the whole vibrational factor and how it changes your energy. How can an oil change your energy? I totally understand now! This led to making bath bombs that I called chakra bombs. I spent so much time researching essential oils, chakras, colors and crystals. How they all attunes your body to vibrate to a higher level. Shifting away stress and dis-ease. I was doing all of this still without completely understanding what was happening. My life changed, and there was no going back. After taking 3 more levels of PEH, I found Crystal Singing Bowls. Wow! Mind blown. I’ve been doing all the things and I’m still learning. Now I can confidently say I can telepathically see into your organs, I use all the Clairs and sessions are mindblowing, for both my client and me!

Atma Namaste


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