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Hart & Soul Essentials

Spiritual Life Guidance, Sound Medicine & Healing Tools

You're invited to begin the journey of recalling what it feels like to be a human being and not a human doing.  Through aligning your heart with your soul and healing past emotional traumas you will experience a shift in all avenues of your life.

Ask yourself, what state of being do I want to experience?  Peace, happiness, freedom?  Are you ready to accept change and take charge of your life, but are not sure where to begin?  We get it and we can help. 


There are various ways that you can experience a shift in your being. With each of our healing services, we will guide you and journey along with you.   If a group setting is more your vibe then, you must check out our events.  There you can participate in ceremonies like our New Moon Circle or Sound Baths.  

Not matter what you desire to heal we have the tools and the divine guidance to move you through it.  

Welcome to the Journey!

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Tara Harty

Spiritual Life Coach

As a ceremonial woman, studying Herbology and a Pranic Energy Healing Instructor, I am here to walk with you in your life's journey by integrating your past with your present life and transforming emotional trauma into inner peace.  

Life didn’t always feel this easy.  I was misaligned.  It felt like my mind and spirit were at war.  Desiring a different life and not being able to see how I could get there through the roles and responsibilities I faced.   For years, I worked in a high pace, high stress, long hours career.  I got divorced and moved from one toxic relationship to another. My misalignment showed up in my body as depression, extreme anxiety,  and low self worth. I could never remember anything and could never seems to make ends meet.  It impacted my family life, my children and perpetuated feelings of guilt and shame.


My own journey has changed the relationship I have with myself, my children, my intimate relationship and even my family and friends.  I am at peace and now, I can show you the way.  Be it through energy healing, plant medicine, steady meditation practice, the use of alchemy bowls, drums and or chanting, together in partnership with divine guidance we can begin to change your life.

Let's begin your journey.


Atma Namaste 

Experience For Yourself

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Guidance & Healing

  • Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Vibrational Sound Healing

  • Discover the right sound healing tools for you

  • Moon Ceremonies

  • Space Clearing


Group Connection

  • Moon Ceremonies

  • Sound Baths


Powerful Knowledge

  • The Hidden Realms of the Hart & Soul

  • Pranic Energy Healing 

    • Basic PEH​

    • Advanced PEH

  • Sacred Sound Healing​

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The session has such a profound impact on my life. I feel like a better mother to my son, a better friend and a better person.  I am not so panicked in my relationship and I feel like I can approach my husband on a different level. I am so grateful!"

Staci W

"This woman (Tara) has helped me unleash my own personal purpose and power in such authentic and tremendous ways. She subtly guides you into unlocking your own answers by helping you become aware of your own intuition to guide you into a beautiful blend of self healing."

Nazlyn W

"After having two kids and one miscarriage, I suffered from such terrible cramping during my period. We really wanted another child but after a year, it didn’t seem possible. We couldn’t get pregnant, we tried so many things! I did two Trauma Release Therapy sessions with Tara and two weeks later my husband and I were able to conceive.  "

Amanda B

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