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Spiritual Life Guidance, Sound Medicine & Healing Tools

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Tara Harty

Spiritual Life Coach

As a ceremonial woman, studying herbology and a Pranic Energy Healing Instructor, I am here to help you in your life's journey by integrating your past with your present life, transforming emotional trauma into inner peace.  



We provide various exceptional healing services that are catered specifically to each person. Treatments are all confidential and judgement free.  Book in for a remote session (via phone call) or in person.

Spiritual Life Coaching & Guidance
60 - 90 minute session

Guidance and Empowerment

We take our time and connect to bring you to a higher state of consciousness.  This may look a few different ways, some sessions will be an hour and some will be longer. 


Please be prepared for a 90 minute session. 


Here are some ways a session may look.

  • Spiritual Life Guidance, your team comes in and Tara translates messages that are showing up for you.  

  • Trauma Release Therapy, through a series of questions about your emotional and physical body, Tara will then connect and energetically/telepathically go into your energy body and release Traumas that your cells are holding onto.  She will also remove any negative unwanted energetic cords that may be attached

  • Channeling, if your loved ones who have crossed over choose to come through, we will translate their messages.

  • Cacao Ceremony, Tara intuitively makes a medicine tea with Cacao and brings in Sacred Healing energy. If you are unable or choose to do this session at home, she will let you know what herbs and Cacao to make.

  • Sound Medicine, All of our sessions begin with sound medicine.  

What would a session look like for a client?

The individual would be welcomed by Tara. The session is set up to take place in a small room within Tara's home or via Zoom.  IF the client is doing the session from their own home, they will be asked to be in a quiet relaxing space where they can lie down or sit with room to dance (not all sessions require movement).  The Zoom sessions will be recorded.  Clients receive healing, guidance, clarity, and reassurance within their own life. If ailments show up, we will release them and give tools on how to practice self care.  Oracle cards will be drawn to confirm the messages that showed up during the session.  

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Sacred Sounds Discovery Call

Tools for Sound Medicine

Are you ready to bring Sacred Sound Tools into your life?  Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, and so much more.  In this session we connect and discover who you are!  What tools do you connect with?  It can be so overwhelming to know where to start.  I guide you into finding the perfect tools for your soul!  I've have been practicing Sound Healing for 4 years and I have done hundreds of sound baths and connected to thousands of people! I LOVE this!!


Vibration Sound Healing

Sound Medicine

Return to your unique, optimal frequency with the soothing sound waves and healing vibrations created through Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls.  These bowls, when placed on the body, produce a sound that can shift your inner frequencies higher to produce positive energy and the exact vibrations you need throughout your entire auric field - spirit - mind- body to match your unique optimal body frequency. When the body begins to relieve itself of negative emotional energy, you feel more than relaxed - you feel better, because you vibrate at healthy and happy frequencies.

Personal Or Couples Sound Bath 

Fee: 1st person $90 Extra person $45

Private Group Sound Bath for groups of more than 6 people . 

Price: $40 Per Person

Private In-Home Sound Bath

Price: $350 and outside Lloydminster $0.50 /km


Moon Ceremonies

Manifest with the Moon

Are you ready to bring connection into your community? 

As a Ceremonial Woman, I love creating connection.  I come to you with all the tools and create a beautiful loving space to open up and journey into our womb wisdom with mother cacao.

This a three hour moon ceremony, during any phase of the moon.  At this time for Women only. If you are ready, set up a connection call and we will create a custom ceremony.

Price: $97 per person (minimum 6)  and outside Lloydminster .50/km


Home Energy Clearing

Energetic clearing and healing of homes and offices to restore the energy flow in a space. Space Clearing is an ancient ritual that allows for the energy in your home to be uplifted and balanced. I use a mix of Pranic Energy Healing, Smudging, and Vibrational Sound Healing. The use of these help raise the vibrational level of your space an clear out any lower entities creating sickness, disease and negativities. It works amazing in conjunction of a Personal Pranic Energy Healing Session


Wellness Workshops

A Comprehensive Approach

Experience the latest in science-backed mindfulness and well-being techniques that inspire resilience and help to reduce stress, anxiety, illness and anything in the way to living a happier, healthier life.  This ongoing, popular program empowers people with powerful tools to achieve goals, and master their spirit, mind and body to better handle life's greatest challenges in all areas of life such as relationships, work, health/well-being, and loss in all forms. See calendar of Events or request a date for your group or organization.


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Upcoming Events

  • December 2nd  Sound Bath @ Serenity Yoga Studio
    Multiple Dates
    Thu., Dec. 02
    1804 50 Ave
    Dec. 02, 7:15 p.m. – Dec. 16, 8:00 p.m.
    1804 50 Ave, 1804 50 Ave, Lloydminster, AB T9V 2W7, Canada
    Monthly Sound Bath Come in and relax, raise your vibrations and let go of all that no longer serves you! Bring water, wear comfortable clothes, pack a yoga mat, pillow and blanket! Join us for a 45minute sound bath. 7:15pm-8pm Exchange $25
  • The Hidden Realms of the Hart & Soul
    Tue., Jan. 11
    Online Event
    Jan. 11, 2022, 10:00 a.m. MST – Apr. 19, 2022, 12:00 p.m. MDT
    Online Event
    Spirituality, Finding Self, Meditation, Grounding, Expansion Join us on the 16 week journey of discovering who you are, developing your senses, feeling energy and clearing it. Learn how to show up and to live the life your soul is asking.